Water Restoration

waterThomas’ Carpet Cleaning  & Restoration Service LLC  is middle Tennessee’s and southern Kentucky’s leader in water damage drying and clean up. We offer the fastest drying equipment in the industry. Using high heat, our TES drying will out-perform all of our competitors who use conventional methods. We are certified in water damage restoration as well as advanced structure drying. We will provide photos, graphs, and drying charts to you and your insurance company. One call can bring your life back to normal. So don’t worry about rot or mold, call Thomas’ when you have a flood.

waterdamage4When our technicians arrive at the flood, the first thing on our minds is safety. We will investigate the hazards and risks to the workers and occupants.

Potential risks could include: electrical shock, slip and fall risks, as well as disease from dirty microbial contaminants in flood waters. We will determine the source of the flood and treat it with a biocide to reduce the chance of contracting a disease.


Before we start the work we will do an initial inspection with photos and documentation to determine the phychrometric conditions inside and outside the building.  We will take moisture readings of all materials that have become wet and compare those to normal levels to insure proper drying. We also use other specialized equipment to help us find hidden pockets of moisture that the human eyes cannot detect.

We will “mitigate the loss”  by stopping the water from further damaging your belongings or other parts of the structure. We may set equipment to help rid the air of some possible contamination and set up a containment area if it applies.

dryer1Drying the Floodwater

The technicians will dry the floodwater by setting up special drying equipment to enhance evaporation and remove the liquid by changing it to a vapor. It is then removed with ventilation or de-humidification. This mechanical manipulation of high velocity air flow, relative humidity, temperature, and de-humidification will allow us to quickly return the structure to its pre-loss condition. The proper drying of building materials saves money on replacement costs and reduces the time you are away from your business or home.

waterdamage1Dealing with Insurance Companies 

Thomas’ Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Service, LLC has worked with all of the major insurance companies and will make sure that the insurance adjuster is well informed with graphs , charts, photos and other documentation to make sure that nothing is overlooked on your claim. We will even bill the insurance company direct; all you owe us is the deductible, and we can have your home good as new.  Any materials that have permanent damage or are deemed unsafe to clean will be replaced with new. So don’t let a flood swamp you with stress! Let the professionals at Thomas’ handle your next flood.