Spot Treatment

Stains & Pet Odors

We offer the industry’s leading chemical lines to remove pet odors and stains. Depending on what type of carpet, how old the stain is, and if you have tried to remove it first, will determine the success of the removal process.

Kool-aid Removal

Did your other cleaner leave you so mad you were seeing red? Well, we can fix the red spot that is left behind. Our IICRC Color Repair technicians have had extensive training in the dye spot removal field. Our personnel have a clear understanding as to how the fiber is produced and dyed from the manufacturer. By determining what type of fiber they are working with, they have better success at removing those spots. All this information helps us to determine the best method for the removal of a dye (think red drink).





Red Kool-aid, furniture stains and magic marker pens need to have the color stripped from the carpet surface. We have the solution to remove these color dye transfers from most carpet. Rust stains and ink stains are also easily removed with the right chemical application. Let Thomas’ fix the yellow dribble marks outside your laundry room and the pink stain in the children’s playroom.