Removing the Top Ten Terrible Stains

Posted by: on May 5, 2017

When you can’t use a professional or you have tough spots and stains, here are some useful tips.

Rinse BLOOD quickly with cool water. Follow with an approved cleaning solution or a mix of 1/4 teaspoon clear (nonbleach, nonlanolin) dishwashing liquid with one cup cool water. Blot and dry quickly.

DYE and FOOD STAINS, such as beverages, medicines, cosmetic, foods, and other liquids containing dyes, should be absorbed first. Then try the liquid dishwashing solution described in the blood remedy. Blot, repeat and rinse with clear water on a clean, white towel or a white paper towel. Dry. Depending on the substance involved, it may require professional cleaning.

FINGERNAIL POLISH can be removed using a non-acetone fingernail polish remover. Apply a small amount of remover on a white cloth and work it in from the edges of the spill to the center. Blot the area using lukewarm tap water. Dry with a clean cloth.

Ink (ballpoint pen) comes off with rubbing alcohol (70 percent isopropyl) applied to a cloth or paper towel. Don’t pour rubbing alcohol directly on the spot.

PAINT (latex) responds to the detergent solution described in the blood remedy. Blot, repeat and dry. Other types of paint such as enamel or oil require other responses. Visit for more suggestions.

URINE or VOMIT, left unattended can damage carpet in several ways. Always clean these up immediately with paper towels.

For PET URINE, try a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water.

RUST nearly always requires professional services because of the chemicals involved. Attempting to remove these stains may not work and in some cases may make the stains worse.

WAX (paraffin from candles) responds best when medium heat from an iron is applied to a clean white cloth or paper towel, which is placed over the wax spill. Repair the heat application to the towel as the was is absorbed. Sometimes dyes in wax won’t come out, and fibers will have to be cut and the area replaced with a new carpet insert.

WINE comes out with the very same dishwashing detergent solution found in the blood remedy. Blot, repeat, and dry.

Call a professional if any of these stains persist.






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