Fight Allergies with Carpet Cleaning

Posted by: on May 30, 2013

If you have allergies, and have carpet, then you may need a regular scheduled cleaning at least every 6 months. When hiring a professional cleaning company, make sure the ask if they hot water extract aka steam clean. They need to be able to reach a temperature at least 180 degrees at the carpet, in order to sanitize by killing dust mites and bacteria. Thomas’ steam reaches this temperature with ease with a regular temperature of 200 degrees. After a good carpet cleaning, be sure to maintain your carpets with regular vacuuming, with a bagged hepa filter vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners might be a little inconvenient because of the bag, but it is a true hepa filter and therefore does not release the VOC (volatile organic compounds) into the air, that could inflame your allergies. One last point about carpet cleaning for allergy relief, make sure that the company offers or uses non-toxic solutions that are certified. Thomas’ is green friendly.


  1. Curtis says:

    Carpet cleaning is one of the crucial things that was always being forgotten when cleaning carpets. In addition, it is one of the hardest things to clean in the house. Therefore, you might want to consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to do the task for you.

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