Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Posted by: on April 14, 2015

80% of the grime on shoes can transfer to your carpet after only five steps**. It is frighteningly easy to imagine the levels of allergens and infectious agents living in your home’s soft surfaces with people and pets walking on them day after day.

Vacuuming goes a long way in the daily maintenance of your home in terms of removing soils, pollen, and dust mites. However, pollutants like pesticides, lawn care chemicals, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses need a hot water extraction carpet cleaning to be effectively mitigated.

Depending on the level of use your areas see will dictate the frequency of which the carpets should be cleaned. A school’s carpets would need a much more frequent carpet cleaning schedule than a 9-5 work-a-day house with no kids to manage pollutant levels in the carpets.

clean-frequency-guideIn addition to vacuuming and hot water extraction cleaning, use welcome mats to wipe your shoes on or consider making your home a no shoes zone. Look for certified and tested vacuums to get the best results from your cleaning routine.

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**Michael A Berry, Ph.D. “Factors Determining Carpet Cleaning Frequency.” The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration, & Inspection April 2015, Volume 2, Issue 2: pages 16-21 . Print.**

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