Posted by: on November 7, 2014

Moisture Meters

After a leak, many people think the work is done when all the water that you see has been sucked up or when the carpet feels dry. However, standing water isn’t all there is to a leak. Water gets under tiles, under appliances, into the subfloor, behind baseboards, and into the sheetrock. Homes are full of porous surfaces where water can get trapped. If these areas are not dried correctly, the perfect environment for mold and rot is created.

395With the right training and tools though, a certified technician can help avoid damage and get things back to normal. One tool of the trade is a moisture meter. When used correctly, a moisture meter can tell where there are hidden areas of moisture. Is there water trapped behind the baseboard, under the vinyl flooring, around the wax ring of the toilet, or under the carpet pad? A moisture meter is just one of the many resources a certified water restoration technician will employ to make sure your home receives the most focused and effective techniques to mitigate damage.

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