10 Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Kids!

Posted by: on July 11, 2012

Do you love rainy days? or dread the chaos it brings?

1. Play Dress Up – Keep a dress up box full of things they can dress up with. We have hats, jewelry, play shoes, dresses, etc. Once they’re dressed up, invite them to a tea party at the kitchen table.

2. Make Finger Paint – This was a super easy recipe to whip up in a hurry.

3. Make Your Own Play Dough – Apparently making play dough is really easy. Why have I not been making it for years?

4. Build tents out of sheets & blankets – or better yet, let them put up the tent in your living room!

5. Read Aloud – Do you have a favorite summer read aloud?

6. Bake Brownies – We love baking Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. In fact, we just made them the other day.

7. Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of some common things that each child can find. Whoever finds their list first, wins the game!

8. Go “Swimming” in the tub – Pretending that you’re at the pool, all while getting wet is so much fun to them. They get decked out in their swim suits and go splish and splash at the “pool”. They bring their dolls that can get wet and any other water toys they feel like playing with.

9. Indoor Bowling – If you don’t have a toy bowling set, no worries. Save up your Pringles chips cans or other cans or toys that can be knocked over. Use any ball and see how many they can get each time they roll the ball at them. Keep score if you want to. Just remember to HAVE FUN!

10. Blow Bubbles inside – I know, I know, that just really sounds WRONG to some of you. Have you ever considered that it really doesn’t make that big of a mess? Well, yes, maybe if little hands dump the bubbles it may, but…lay out a few towels or a sheet in the kitchen and let them enjoy blowing bubbles for a while.

Hope you enjoy your rainy day!

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